A Good Posture And Stance Reflects The Proper State Of Mind- Dr. Navin Upadhyay.

Medishala had a talk with Dr. Navin Upadhyay on the topic of how to maintain good posture, What can be done to stay fit and what are the problems that can occur if good posture is not maintained and many other. Now let us see what he has to say on this topic.

MBBS,DNB (Ortho)
Trauma and joint replacement Surgeon

What do you mean by a “Good Posture?

The way a person holds, position and carry their body to look attractive and appealing in the eyes others doesn’t matter whether he/she is standing or sitting is called a “Good Posture”.

There are basically 2 types of posture:-

  1. Dynamic posture: This is how you hold yourself when you are either walking, running, moving or even bending to pick up something.
  2. Static Posture: This is how you hold yourself when you are either sitting, sleeping or just even standing.

It is very important for a person to maintain a good “static” and “dynamic” posture

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Health related problems involved while not maintaining good posture:-

There are various risks involved when the proper and good posture is not maintained by a person in day to day life. Listed below:-

  1. Spinal Cord Problem:- There are 3 important spinal cord in our body, one in our Neck, one in our upper-to-mid-back and one in our lower-back, while bad posture can lead to distortion of these curves and can affect the whole body
  2. Back Pain Problem:- This is so very obvious when the posture of the spinal cord is not correct the pain in the back and the curves of the spinal cord are obvious. This problem is more common in women than in men.
  3. Whole Body Pain:- The effect of bad posture not only gives you back pain but also a pain in different body parts, muscles. especially for the person involved in bodybuilding because misaligned spine pulls on different muscles, overworking some and shortening others leads to problem and pain in the.
  4. Mood Swing Related Problems:-The effect of bad posture cand harm your body in many ways including in the way you feel and also your mood. People who are depressed tend to slouch. Good posture eases the symptoms of depression and helps people feel better after difficult events. 
  5. Heat Burn And Slow Digestion:- Bad posture after the meal can trigger the heat burn caused by the acids present in the body. slouching or bad posture puts pressure on the abdomen, which can force stomach acid in the wrong direction. 
Bad posture problem, while operating computers: common problem in I.T world today

What Leads To Bad Posture?

  • Injury in the muscle, bone and spinal cord leads to bad Posture.
  • Daily habits and routine cand lead to bad posture.
  • Using new technology like computers, laptops, and smartphones while maintaining bad posture at the time of operating these devices.
  • Sometimes even the mental stress and attitude can lead to bad posture.
  • Bad posture can also be heredity and genetic, that one can gain this problem from their ancestors and parents.
  • Muscles tension and even weakness can sometimes lead to bad body posture.

What to do to maintain a “Good Posture:-

In order to maintain a good posture one should have to focus on these steps listed below:

  1. Being attentive about your posture while you are standing or even sitting during the day to day activities likes watching t.v, playing games, walking, etc.
  2. Stay active and energetic like in the way doing exercise, yoga, meditation, playing some sport, etc.
  3. Maintain a healthy and well build body by eating a balanced diet and not putting on excess weight leading to obesity and ultimately to bad posture.
  4. Wearing good quality and low heeled shoes and footwear can also lead to maintaining good body posture and stance.
  5. Working on the surface of our comfortable height like at the time of working on the computer, eating food on the dining table, working on smartphones, etc.

It is expected that up to 80% of the total world population will face Back Pain and the related issue at some point of their life and one of the major contributor for such an enormous no. will be the “Bad Posture”.

So if in case anyone you or your friend and the family person is suffering from the same “Bad posture” problem or some ill visible symptoms of bad posture, and being as a concern person if you want a perfect solution and medical help from the doctors contact us.


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