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Atamnirbhar 20 min Workout at Home during Lockdown

Staying at home for an indefinite period can easily make a person lethargic and unhealthy resulting . Gyms are closed and most of us do not have dumbells and other equipment at home.

Exercising isn’t just an activity; it’s a way of life for most people. They love working out and spending time at the gym as it gives them a feeling of refreshment and satisfaction. However, we are now forced to stay inside admist the recent coronavirus outbreak.

Therefore we bring you 15 minutes full body workout exercises that you can do while being at home during lockdown without any need of gym equipments.

Note: Gif files have been uploaded for proper instruction it may take few sec to download)

Perform 3 repetition with 15 sec break between each repetition

1. Jumping Jack  

Jumping Jack 3 reps for 20 sec each.
(Katie Thompson fitness expert)

2. Inchworm Walk Out to Shoulder Tap

Inchworm walkout to shoulder. 3 reps for 20 sec each

3. Squats

Squats 3 reps for 20 sec each

4. Blast off Push up

Blast off Push up 3 reps for 45 sec each

5. Squat Thrust

Squat Thrust 3 reps for 45 sec each

6. Pendulum lunges

Pendulum lunges 3 reps for 45 sec each

7. Mountain Climber Twist

Mountain Climber twist 3 reps for 45 sec each

8. Pause Squats

Pause Squats 3 reps for 45 sec each

9. Plank

Plank 3 reps for 20 sec each

That’s it!!


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