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BAD BREATH: Get Aware Before, Somebody Else Make You Notice.

Bad breath also called Halitosis. Bad breath means when some unpleasant, persistence odour comes out from someone’s mouth while exhaling the air out is Bad Breath. Concern about the bad breath is the 3rd most reason in the world, why an individual visits the dentist. As this problem is generally noticed, observed, and smelled by others so, most of the time they use to prevent telling you that your breath stinks because of the mentality of self-embarrassment and also not to humiliate one because of his\her Bad Breath problem. Bad Breath can also be sometimes time so embarrassing while having a conversation with someone and can lead to anxiety. Just by eating mint and gums can’t help you in the long run.

A total of 85% of the cases of the bad breath are genuine and the odour comes directly from the mouth this is referred to as the genuine case. But sometimes the situation can occur, in which there is some other problem or disease due to which the problem of bad breath is occurring e.g. nose sinus, throat problems, etc. those are called Non-genuine case.


What are the causes of Bad Breath??

As earlier mention that most of the bad breath problem is genuine and comes directly from the mouth so, let us see what causes the Bad Breath.

  • Food: – Breaking down of food is done by teethes also Eating of some foods like garlic, onions, and some spices, and after the digestion of the food it enters your bloodstream and carried out through lungs these all thing associated with the cause of bad breath.
  • Poor Dental Hygiene: – This includes not taking proper care of one’s tooth, gums, and floss and not brushing 2 times a day also the food particles that remain in mouth struck between the teeth and can be the reason for bad breath. Also not going to the dentist on a regular basis for a dental check-up. Not cleaning off the tongue with tongue-cleaner on a daily basis, these all reason contributes to bad breath.
  • Using Of Tobacco Products:- Smoking is also one of the major contributors for bad breath. Most of the times it is observed that person who smokes on regular basics faces this problem in addition to gums problem and mouth cancer.
  • Having Dry Mouth:- There is a problem called dry mouth or xerostomia in this the production of the saliva inside the mouth decreases which leads to Bad Breath. Saliva helps in cleaning of the mouth also removing particle that causes bad breath.
  • Some Medication:- Some medicines in an indirect way also contribute to producing of Bad Breath. The reason can be, having dry mouth due to medicines or due to the release of some chemicals inside the stomach leads to Bad Breath. 
  • Non-genuine cause:- This includes some disease in nose or throat like a bacterial sinus infection or some sort of throat infection can be a general contributor to Bad Breath.
  • Mouth Infection:- When there is any kind of disease or infections in the teethes, gums, and floss then those can also be a contributor for Bad Breath.
  • Morning Breath:- This is very common as the production of saliva nearly stops when a person is asleep causing bacteria to grow and leading to Bad Breath. People who sleep with his/her mouth open can suffer from the severe problem of Bad Breath and Morning Breath.

What Are The Symptoms Of Bad Breath??

The symptoms of Bad Breath or Halitosis includes:-

  • Having a dry mouth.
  • A white coating on the tongue mostly on the backside of it.
  • White coating and some build-up around teeth.
  • Formation of mucus and post-nasal drip.
  • Facing Morning Breath daily.
  • Having a burning sensation of the tongue.
  • Formation of thick saliva inside the mouth.
  • A constant urge to clear throat and spit out mucus.
  • Having a constant bitter metallic and sour taste of the mouth.
Causes of bad breath,

What Are The Other Problems Associated With Bad Breath??

Someone who is facing the problem of Bad Breath one can also see the possibility that he/she can suffer from many other problems or diseases mostly related to the mouth, teethes, floss, and gums those are:–

  • One can suffer from Gum problem (periodontal).
  • Formation of plaque on the teeth resulting in gum problems.
  • Dental caries (cavities) can also occur.
  • Facing salivary gland problem etc.

One of the best things about this problem is that with little care one can easily prevent them from Bad Breath Problem. Most of the prevention measures generally cover a wide range of home remedies which helps in removing bad breath from the mouth. With little care and with some advice from the doctor can helps someone to prevent themselves from Bad Breath. Below is the list that can act as a prevention measure for Bad Breath:-

What Are The Prevention And Treatment Measures One Can Take??

  • Practicing good oral hygiene.
  • Paying a visit to the dentist regularly.
  • Stop Smoking.
  • Drinking lots of water.
  • Keeping a track of food intake (at the time of check-up of bad breath it can be helpful).
  • Try to avoid the food items with strong odour which can lead to bad breath.
  • Getting the treatment done of mouth, nose, and throat related disease and problems.
  • Using liquid foods items to prevent from day mouth and to keep salivary gland active.
  • Tracking down the visible symptoms of bad breath and contacting the dentist immediately.
  • Eating Yogurt.
  • Drinking a glass of milk after every meal.
  • Using of fennel or anise seed (saunf) after the completion of the meal.
  • Eating oranges as vitamin C helps in saliva production.
  • Rinsing of mouth regularly with zinc salts like mouth-wash and all for a few months.
Mouth Cleaner.

It is not at all important that one should consult or go to the doctor even though it is important but one can take and go through all the prevention measures and can cure Bad Breath in just matter of time in few months completely. Consulting of a dentist is important because they can tell you apart from bad breath are you are suffering from any other type of disease in the mouth. But, in the case when the condition bad breath is chronic and if it doesn’t go away by going through regular preventions measures and by maintaining good oral hygiene then one is highly recommended to consult Best Doctors and dentist around. Here on medishala you can book an appointment to the doctor directly from you home and get yourself treated in just a matter of time. We have a team of Best Doctor across the city out there just for you and help you. Book your appointment today.


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