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Don’t Ignore Cavity: Those Black Holes Are Very Dangerous. Get To Know About It From Dr. Lokesh Kumar.

Medishala approached Dr. Lokesh Kumar  one of the top Dentist in Patna who is currently practicing at Oro Dental Clinic located at Ramnagri, Ahiyana nagar to know about cavity and here is what he has to say:

What Is Dental Cavity??

When there is permanent damage due to a tiny hole or opening on the hard surface of the teeth it is called Cavity. The cavity is also called as Tooth Decay and Caries. In general, there are many ways from which the teeth can decay but the 2 main factors responsible for it is Bacteria in the mouth and Eating up of food with high sugar and starch. Tooth decay can damage both outer coatings of the teeth (enamel) as well as the inner layer (dentin). It is also called as “ditobacterial” disease.

The early phase of the formation of the cavity starts with a very small quantity that too it doesn’t use to pain at all but slowly it use to grow up in quality and also in pain. A cavity can happen to anyone irrespective of their age or sex. When we eat, food rich in sugar and starch then, more than 500 types of bacteria in the mouth turn them into Acid. The bacteria, food leftover, and saliva combine together to form plaque which clings to the teeth. The acid in the plague gets dissolved in the enamel forming hole in the teeth.

What Are The Visible Symptoms??

As the early visible symptoms are very less, one should have to take more care of his/her teeth so that before the cavity grows large in numbers one can prevent it or get it treated with dentists just after the symptoms are visible.

  • Continuous toothache and pain.
  • Suffering from tooth pain while chewing the food.
  • Suffering from bad breath.
  • Taste of the mouth feels bad.
  • Pus around the the teeth.
  • The sensitivity of the teeth increased to temperature.
  • Visible holes in the teeth.
  • Discoloration of the teeth.
  • Bleeding of the teeth while brushing.
  • Swelling of the gums.
  • Toothache during a change in pressure (flight or underwater).
  • A tiny hole like opening between the teeth.

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What Are The Causes For Dental Cavity??

Since the main cause of the formation of plaque in the mouth and decay of enamel and teeth is excessive use of starch and sugar-containing food items in the diet, but still there are few other causes also somehow, linked with this only.

  • Keeping poor dental hygiene.
  • Formation of plaque in the mouth causing decay of teeth.
  • Having a dry mouth can lead to the formation of plaques as saliva wash away the plaque.
  • Eating and drinking food containing too much sugar and starch leads to tooth decay.
  • Bacteria and acid are naturally present in the mouth they can also be the reason for tooth decay.
  • Having other medical problems or a condition like vomiting or going through a treatment process of cancer.
  • The problem in salivary gland due to which production of saliva use to happen in less amount or doesn’t happen.

What Are The Risk Factors??

Even though there are many factors and contributors to the dental cavity and tooth decay but there are certain factors in which the risk of having a dental cavity to someone is quite a height. Those are:-

  • Location of the teeth, as the decay generally affects the back teeth i.e molars and premolars as these teeth have pits that lead to the storage of food particles causing the cavity.
  • Eating up food and drinks containing high amounts of sugar and starch in it.
  • Inadequate brushing habit.
  • Lack in the amount of fluoride in the mouth which helps in the prevention of dental cavity.
  • Frequent snacking or sipping can lead to the dental cavity.
  • Inappropriate filling of the teeth gaps can lead to the formation of dental cavity.
  • Certain disease and problems can also be the reason like Anorexia and bulimia can lead to significant tooth erosion and cavities.
  • Stomach acid from repeated vomiting (purging) washes over the teeth and begins dissolving the enamel forming a dental cavity.

What Are The Prevention Measures??

In the case of the dental cavity prevention is a far better way of curing so let us see what Are those.

  • Brushing of teeth twice a day and maintaining oral hygiene.
  • Eating less sugary and acidic food.
  • Getting dental sealants on the teeth did.
  • Limit the habit of snacking and sipping.
  • Eating fiber-rich fruits and vegetables.
  • Drinking water containing fluoride.
  • Inclusion of calcium-rich food in the diet.

What Are The Cure ???

In the case of a dental cavity going through the prevention measures can be more helpful rather than going for cure or treatment of the cavities. Still, there are few ways from which dental cavities can be treated.

  • Filling of the tooth.
  • Placing of the crown over the tooth.
  • Root canal treatment replacing the dead nerves.
  • Early-stage treatment with fluoride to prevent enamel.

Treating of dental cavity is easy if get in touch with a doctor at right time. Medishala has a listing of numerous doctor there for you to get you treatment done that too booking an appointment online sitting at home. Book your appointment today.


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