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Facts and Myths about tooth sensitivity by Dr. Jyoti Prakash

Every 1 out of 3 person i.e 34% of the population in India suffer from Tooth Sensitivity.
Tooth sensitivity is a common dental problem that can develop over time, as a result of receding gums and enamel wear. It begins to develop when the softer, inner part of the tooth called ‘dentine’ becomes exposed.
Once the dentine is exposed, external triggers (such as a cold drink or ice cream) can stimulate the nerves inside the tooth, resulting in the characteristic short, sharp sensation of tooth sensitivity.

Here are few myth buster and tips by Dr. Jyoti Prakash on sensitivity.

Myth 1: Brushing right after meals is good.

Facts : Brushing is not only good on teeth, but also on your gums and tongue. But after eating or drinking, your teeth’s outer layers are temporarily softened. Brushing your teeth immediately after food rubs some of acids into the enamel, breaking them down and exacerbating the sensitivity. It is recommended to wait at least half an hour before brushing to let your saliva naturally neutralize the acids. According to Doctor Jyoti Prakash we should to brush our teeth twice in a day.

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Myth 2: Only cold sugary food causes sensitivity

   Fact: When exposed dentine comes into contact with anything hot, cold, sweet, or sour, it can trigger the nerves and cause a short sharp sensation. These exposed dentine can be due to toothpaste, high acidic food etc.

Myth 3: There is no solution for sensitive teeth.

Fact: Sensitive teeth can and should be taken care of. Depending on the cause of sensitivity, dentist may recommend special desensitizing toothpaste or alternative ways to relieve sensitivity .

Myth 4 : Is there any specific age group in which tooth sensitivity occurs the most ?

Fact : There is no any specific age group in which tooth sensitivity occurs but in general this cases occurs in old age person or due to loss of outer surface of teeth.

How take care of your teeth, Here are few Tips:

  • Brush twice for at least two minutes’ daily. Don’t brush too hard or too often
  • Floss regularly
  • Use a mouth wash
  • Chew sugar free gum
  • Clean your tongue
  • Wash food down with water or milk
  • Eat crunchy vegetables
  • Prevent teeth grinding
  • Avoid acidic foods and drinks

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