GLAUCOMA: With The Risk Of Increasing Age by Dr Shruti Priya

Glaucoma Is Also known As Silent Theif Of Eyes“, With more than 1 Million plus cases encountered only in India. Glaucoma is a major rising concern in the department of “Ophthalmologist” and eye care. In most of the case, the Glaucoma is generally observed after attaining an age of 50+ with more severe risk after attaining the age of 60+. Even though in some cases of “Congenital Form Of Glaucoma” where the infant is diagnosed and treated within first 6-12 months of the birth.

Medishala had a talk with Dr.Shruti Priya one of the Top Eye Specialist in Patna. So now let us see what she has to say about Glaucoma: its cause, it’s preventions, its cures, and also some awareness regarding this widespread epidemic.

What is Glaucoma A.K.A Silent Theif Of Eye??

In front of our eye, there is a small space called the “Anterior Chamber”. There is the flow of clear liquid inside an outside of this anterior chamber. Basically, the need for this Fluid is to nourish and bathe the tissue around it. If an individual is suffering from “Glaucoma” then, in that case, that fluid inside the anterior chamber flows outside the eyes, this whole process is very slow, this lead to some Fluid Build up and the pressure inside the eye increases. If this pressure inside the eye is not brought down or controlled then in that conditions, the optic nerves and the other part of the eye get damaged, ultimately leading to “Loss Of Vision”. This disease mostly affects both the eyes but, one may be more severely affected than others.

So, in short, Glaucoma is nothing but the pressure build up inside the optic nerve and ultimately leading to eye loss.

What are the Different Types Of Glaucoma?

Mainly Glaucoma is of 2 types:-

  1. Primary Open-Angle Glaucoma:- This is also known as chronic Glaucoma in this the whole process is very slow. The patient suffering from it may not feel any sort of visible and major symptoms, even in some case of this type of Glaucoma the slight loss of the vision also can go unnoticed. In many cases, the patient suffering from it can get medical support after the damage or the permanent loss of the vision has already occurred.
  2. Close-Angle Glaucoma:- Also known as an Acute-Angle-Clouser Glaucoma. In this apart from the open-angle Glaucoma, this can hit the patient all of a sudden and the symptoms are clearly visible like experiencing pain or even in sometimes rapid vision loss. Still, some good points for this are, the symptoms are visible so that the patient can seek instant medical help and can get some cure and treatment before some major casualty like loss of vision occurs.
  3. Some other types of Glaucoma are:- Low-Tension Glaucoma and Pigmentary Glaucoma. In these types still, many research is yet to be done.
Different types of glaucoma.

Is Cataracts and Glaucoma same thing??

No, they both are quite a different thing still in both the cases the final outcome will be “Complete Loss Of The Vision” also they both are the natural part of the aging process

  • Cataract:- It is an eye condition in which cloudiness or some sort of opacity in the lens either Blocks or Changes the entry of the light leading to affecting of the vision or even loss of the eyesight.
  • Glaucoma:- Glaucoma is nothing but the pressure build up inside the optic nerve due to the slow drainage of the eye fluid from the anterior chamber and ultimately leading to eye loss.
Difference between cataract and glaucoma

What Are The Symptoms?

Symptoms for Primary Open-Angle Glaucoma:-

  • The person suffering from open-angle Glaucoma gradually loses the peripheral vision. This generally affects both the eyes.
  • In some of the advanced cases of these type of Glaucoma the patient can suffer from “Tunnel Vision”.

Symptoms for Acute-Angle Clouser Glaucoma:-

  • It starts with Eye pain usually very Severe.
  • The patient can also suffer from Blurred vision.
  • The pain in the eye is often accomplished with Nausea or vomiting.
  • The Hallow-Like glows around the light starts to appear.
  • Redness in the eyes is quite common.
  • Sometimes some vision problems are even encountered in poor lighting conditions.

What are the causes of Glaucoma??

  • First and the for the most cause is Natural Process “Aging”.
  • Some other illness like “Diabetes, Inflammation, Tumors” can be the reason for Glaucoma.
  • Sometimes the advance level of cataract can also cause Glaucoma.
  • Some childhood ” Eye Injury” or conditions can be the reasons.
  • Some Prior Eye surgery.
  • Sometimes even Myopic (nearsightedness) can also be the reason for Glaucoma.

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What Are The Preventions Measures Can We Take??

Even though it is said that there are no perfect measures to take to prevent oneself from Glaucoma but still doctors advise to maintain some good physical condition in order to stay protected from Glaucoma in the most possible way those are:-

  • Maintaining good health as well as a healthy weight.
  • Stay away from smoking and alcoholic products.
  • Get you eye checked-up at regular intervals and inform the doctor if any problems or symptoms related to glaucoma are visible.
  • Keep the blood pressure of the body normal.
  • Prevent direct or overexposure of the sunlight. Use sunglasses or some protective things when present in bright sunlight.

What Are The Possible Cure Of Glaucoma??

The treatment of the Glaucoma includes a wide range of thing like Pills, Medication, Eye-drops, Eye Surgery, and even some advanced methods to cure Glaucoma. Although it is highly recommended that one should first consult the doctor the go for the treatment as eyes are the most sensitive part of the body. some Treatment includes:-

  • Eye Drops:- Since the eye drops are directly absorbed into the bloodstream so sometimes even the eye-drop can help in the treatment of Glaucoma but, it is bond to very little range of effect.
  • Pills Or Medecins:-  When in the case even the eye drops fails to work in some severe Glaucoma conditions than in that case doctors recommend some medications for the treatment.
  • Surgical process:- There is a wide range of surgeries that can help someone out in the treatment of Glaucoma. a). Laser Surgery b). Argon Laser Trabeculoplasty c ). Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty d). Laser Peripheral Iridotomy. There is some traditional surgery also like Trabeculectomy, Drainage Implant Surgery, and Nonpenetrating Surgery, etc.

In the time when numbers of the patient is increasing at the alarming level, we should be more concern about the elderly people living around us so that even if they are not capable to detect whether they are suffering from Glaucoma we being as concern citizen as well as friend and family we can help them at the right time so that the situation of complete vision loss may not occur. By Contacting some of the Best Doctors listed On Medeshala. Book your appointment Online now On Medishala.


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