Healthy diet and food for a diabetic patient by Dt. Meghna Krishna

For diabetics, a healthy diabetes diet is the essence to healthy living along with exercise, of course.
But what makes up a diabetes diet for Indians? There are several diabetes diets published online, which include exotic ingredients and food items. But what about ingredients that are locally available to Indians with diabetes? Let’s get a diabetes diet for Indians from the experts in nutrition and diabetology

Dietitian Meghna Krishna says “A diabetes diet should inlclude complex carbohydrates such as brown rice, whole wheat, oatmeal, fruits, vegetables, beans and Dals.”

Diabetes diet for Indians should have the ratio of 60:20:20 for carbs, fats and proteins

She also added “High glycemic index foods should be restricted, these foods raises sugar level very quickly, these type of food inclides rice, potato, corn, pasta, white bread, cornflakes or breakfast cereal other than oats, soft drink, juices, banana, mango, maida sweets, namkeens etc.”

Healthy ways to start your day :

  •  One teaspoon of methi seeds soaked overnight in 100 ml of water is very effective in controlling diabetes. Drink the water as well as seeds.
  • Drink tomato juice with salt and pepper ever morning on an empty stomach.

High fiber  and non-starchy vegetables such as peas, beans, broccoli and spinach /leafy vegetables such as cabbage, methi  should be included in one’s diet. Also, pulses with husk and sprouts are a healthy option and should form a part of the diet.

  • Pulses are important in the diet as their effect on blood glucose is less than that of most other carbohydrate containing foods

Here are some recipes for you:

Karela ki Sabji
Mushroom Soup
Carrot Cucumber and rajma Salad
Chana Dal
  • A diabetes diet should have at least two seasonal fruits and three vegetables in a diet plan. As for dry fruits, the fructose can spike up your sugar level.
    Fruits high in fiber such as papaya, apple, orange, pear and guava should be included in your diet.
  • Do not skip meals, eat every 2-3 hours.

The diabetes diet for Indians includes carbohydrates, proteins and fats. As always, a balanced and planned diet can build and improve personal health. A controlled diabetes diet may seem like a drag and bore, but a good cook can add life to a diet. Time to call up mom and experiment with diabetes diets!


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