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Oral Trauma: A Medical Emergency.

Oral Trauma in nothing but injuries related to the Mouth or Teeth. Mostly these types of injuries are found in the childhood age like toddlers or small babies learning to walk or crawl. Still, Oral Trauma/mouth injury can happen at any age if not given proper care and timely treatment when any sort of injury occurred in the mouth. Someone who knows how to deal with mouth injuries as soon as possible then the possibility of recovering back increases.

What is An Oral Trauma??

What Are The Different Type Of Oral Trauma??

  • Toothaches
  • Broken Or Smashed Teeth.
  • Knocked-off Tooth.
  • Extruded Tooth.
  • Lost of Filling between teeth.
  • Cut and Wounds of the Mouth and Lips.
  • Tear or Riping of skin under Tongue (Frenulum).
  • Injuries on the roof of Mouth.
  • Grinding of Teeth.
  • Burn of lips or Inside of Mouth.
  • Insect Bite on the lips and tongue.
  • Teeth cut on the inside of the lip.
  • Puncture of skin inside the mouth.
  • Tooth Luxation.

What Are The Symptoms??

  • Pain in the affected area like teeth, tongue, lips, and inside of the mouth.
  • Burning sensation on and near around the affected area.
  • Laceration (cut) of the tissue and skin.
  • Bleeding of the affected area.
  • Swelling of the affected area.
  • Puncture of a certain area of skin and tissue.
  • Pain in the gums due to damage in the tooth.
  • Loss of Consciousness.
  • Breathing difficulties.
  • Nausea and vomiting.

What Are The Prevention Measures??

  • Wearing of Mouthguard while playing and sport.
  • Staying alert from the Bite of insects.
  • Wearing face protectives while playing and sport that can cause damage to your mouth.
  • Teaching kids not to eat and hard or solid material.
  • Teaching kind not to run and while holding and solid or pointed object in the mouth.
  • Try not to grind teeth during sleep hours and wearing tooth guard.
  • Forcefully not pulling of the teeth from its place.
  • Get filling between the teeth done.

When To See A Doctor??

  • If the bleeding from the infected is not at all stopping even after 10-15 minutes.
  • If the cut or the wound is more than 0.5 inch.
  • Tooth Luxation, in this case, run to the doctor immediately and get the problem fixed.
  • When the swelling of the affected area is growing. Can be the chance of blood clot or something.
  • If some solid or pointed object got pierced inside your tongue or lips.
  • If some of the skin or tissue is hanging out.
  • When the limits of the bearing of pain cross.
  • If there is any visible sign of infection.
  • If the teeth are crushed out totally.

What Are The First-Aid Available??

  • Keeping the child or the patient calm and make him/her sit.
  • Applying pressure with a clean cloth or cotton for a few minutes to stop bleeding.
  • Washing of the wound and cut with fresh water if present outside of the mouth but, don’t scrub the wound.
  • Apply any antiseptic lotion on the wound.
  • To calm down teeth pain give the patient to chew ice cubes.
  • Applying a cold pack of ice if the injury is present inside of the mouth.
  • If swelling or the bleeding doesn’t stop-go and see the doctor as soon as possible.
  • In case of oral burn also ice cube treatment should be given.

What Are The Cure For Oral Trauma??

  • Checking of the patient to detect the type of nature of injury in the mouth.
  • Giving the patient a tetanus vaccine.
  • Serious facial and mouth wound should be treated by the surgeons at the trauma centers.
  • Some of the deep lacerations also involves stitching of the skin.
  • While stitching of skin or removing of the crushed or broken teeth giving the patient conscious sedation.
  • In some case, plastic-surgeons also plays a role in reforming of the tissue of the heavily affected area.

Maintaining good oral health is very important nowadays. Keeping good oral hygiene is also very helpful for building up of confidence when presenting oneself to others. If you are facing any king of Oral Trauma or any visible symptoms of oral trauma is there book an appointment to a doctor today that too online. With a large number of great doctor listed on medishsla, you can book an appointment from anywhere.


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