Sexologist: It Is The Time To Understand the LGBTQ Community.

Who Are The People Of “LGBTQ” Community??

First thing first they are “Human-Beings” just like you and us but, with “Their” (word “Different” can also be used in place of “Their” but if they are different from us then we are also different from them) “Sexual Orientation” and “Sexual Need” which is not at all something that is developed over course of time or due to some situation (this factor weighs little but can’t be ignored) but, just the same as me, you and every people out there who have interest and attraction in opposite sex and on the other hand people of the LGBTQ community have interest and attraction is same-sex or both the sex which is within us and them since birth and it’s our and their nature too.

The full form of LGBTQ is:-

L-Lesbian ( A girl/woman who is romantically, erotically and/or sexually attracted to another woman only).

G- Gay ( A boy/man who is romantically and/or sexually attracted to another man only).

B- Bisexual (A man or a woman, who is emotionally, romantically and/or physically attracted to a man, woman or any other gender).

T- Transgender ( A person whose gender and sense of personal identity does not correspond with their birth sex). For example, a boy might feel like a girl trapped in a wrong body or a girl might feel, think and behave more like a boy, to the point of wishing she actually becomes a boy!.

Q- Queer or questioning your sexual identity

Who Are Sexologist??

Sexology is nothing but a scientific study which involves studying human sexuality, including behaviors, function, and sexual interests. A sexologist is a person who deals in subjects like paraphilia, sexual activities, puberty, child sexuality, sexuality among elders, sexual development, atypical sexual interest, sexual orientation, sexual relationship plus the mechanism involved in intercourse, control one’s emotion on sex and many more topics. It is the study involved in human sex which includes human lovemaking, fascination, fantasy. It also includes sexuality among people who are mentally or physically disabled. Sexologist cure sexual dysfunctions and disorders like erectile dysfunction, anorgasmia, pedophilia and much more.

Nowadays Best sexologists around the globe are trying there hard to frame their understanding on how people of LGBTQ community are different from a general population what are their sexual needs, what are their sexual orientation and their behavior, their sexual interest their sexual development and many more deep case study on LGBTQ community.

Role Of Sexologist In Framing Of understanding To General Population About LGBTQ Community.

With the decriminalization of Section 377 of Indian Penal Court by the top court of India on Sept 6, 2018, now people have to frame their understanding that these people of the LGBTQ community are the same as us. Under section 377 earlier it was stated that homo-sexual-activity are “Illegal, unconstitutional, irrational, indefensible and manifestly arbitrary. But after the landmark decision by the supreme court in favor of the LGBTQ community has changed everything but still, people are not willing to understand this thing. So over here we can take help of Best Doctors in the following ways:-

  • Sexologist with there test and analysis over the year and with the use of advanced technology now can easily help the family and the person itself who has a different sexual interest and differentiate them and make them aware about themselves and about their special sexual orientation and interest.
  • A sexologist is a person who can do a regular analysis of the sexual behavior and sexual interest of an individual and can easily tell whether he/she is homosexual or heterosexual.
  • A sexologist can even give the results whether a person who is a homosexual has developed such type of sexual attraction and interest is by birth or whether he/she has gained that interest with the course of time or because of facing some hard situations/events in life changed the sexual orientation and interest of the person.
  • A sexologist can even in some little cases help the gay/lesbian individual to turn back into a straight person. As homosexuality is still in some places is considered as “Mental Illness“. (Although many scientists and researchers have warned not to go against nature and try not to convert a homosexual person into a straight individual).
  • A sexologist is a person who is also involved in giving sex education to the population and teaching them how these people of the LGBTQ community are different from the general population, what are their needs and interests doesn’t matter either it is emotional or sexual and can teach us not to discriminate these people based on their different sexual orientation and attraction which is the gift of nature and can’t be undone.

What Are The Problems Associated With Sexologist in India?

  • A sexologist is a doctor to whom most of the population is shy to pay a visit and to share their problems with their sexual life, sexual needs, and sexual emotions.
  • In the Birthland of Kamasutra still, old beliefs, rituals, and traditions are followed and people are not well aware of their own sexual needs and demands and living a miserable life and not going for treatment to a sexologist in the fear of what society will say.
  • Sex education is one of the major missing things in an individual’s life and the person who is expert in dealing and educating people with various sexual expect of human life, people are not taking them in consideration and ignoring their advice.
  • The young generation is not even willing to make their career in sexology and become a sexologist as this type of profession is still considered as taboo and not widely accepted.

How To Aware People About Importance Of Sexologist In Society??

  • Firstly we should have to put our some time and think that if we live in the land of Kamasutra and the whole world knows about this then we should drop the shyness and fear what people will think, say or talk about you and approach to sexologist if any problem related to our sexual life occurs.
  • The problem of lack of sex education is very major in India, in the case to eliminate this problem we should run an awareness campaign about the role of sex education and the role and requirement of sexologist in the society. Making of sex education compulsory in the Indian education system.
  • A sexologist can also help in family planning for a couple, for that also we need sexologist to provide some guidelines, information and health tips for the couple while doing family planning.
  • Just like how the health camps of eye-checkups, tooth checkup, and many others are set up just like that some camps for sexual wellness and awareness of an individual should all be set up.

So being “Homosexual or Heterosexual or Bi-sexual” everything is fine as it is the Nature who has provided us with different type of sexuality in different individual so, we all are human beings and we all are the same and each and everyone has got their own specification and way of living life “Lets not impose them or anyone how to live and which sexuality to follow, it’s the nature let them and also you go and live what nature has provided all of us with and if in this run any problem will occur our best doctors from all around the globe are present to cure that problem and diseases “.

Even if you want some consultant from our best doctors and sexologist to cure your problems of your sexual life or to gain some sex education or any problems related to homosexuality contact us and book an appointment.


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