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This World Health Day, enrich yourself with full of positivity, nutrition and a good sleep. After all, self-care is more important than anything else in the world. Today, Medishala wants to discuss that element in our body which is invisible but the core reason for many of your health problems.

Stress is negative energy ripping apart the soul from our body.

April is celebrated as the National Stress Awareness Month, but let’s be brutally honest, for some, stress is something that can be experienced all year round.

 Is stress entirely infectious?  Well not always! It’s the opposite actually. Some studies have revealed that people who experience moderate stress have better mental health than their non-stressed counterparts. However, too much stress can be seriously damaging. Diseases like cardiovascular disease, obesity and gastrointestinal complications, to name a few, are consequences of long-term stress.

Whether you experience more stress or hardly any, stress is a part of daily life. Medishala shares few tips to reduce your day-to-day stress level.

 Wake up & Work Out

Your laziness is killing you and you are not even aware of it. I will start exercise from tomorrow and that tomorrow never comes. Isn’t that a common practice among all of you? Exercise is a blessing in many ways and it is clinically proven also. A daily workout can reduce your stress levels and it can burn your calories also. People often join gymnasiums for professional help. Yoga, meditation, aerobics are some of the physical activities you can do at home.

Just sleep it off

A good sleep releases stress simultaneously stress results in sleepless nights. If your sleeping habits are improper then you might face anxiety and mental fatigue. A restful night of sleep reinstates your body and promotes better concentration, encourages more precise decision-making and elevates your mood. It becomes complicated when stress makes it difficult to sleep, but if the cycle can be broken—sleep will help equip you to take on the day feeling less anxious.

Time Management is the best management

You have engrossed yourself in so many activities that juggling time between 2 activities becomes stressful. Managing your time is not a difficult task if you know how to strategize the day. By planning daily life and ensuring yourself to spend the time meaningfully, you can actually reduce a lot of stress from your life.

Keep a note in your diary

Off course just jotting down your daily responsibilities won’t reduce your stress but it will definitely save you from anxiety. By prioritizing and taking account of your achievements, you’ll gift yourself with the satisfaction of intimidating tasks now marked complete.

When you’re feeling stressed, a list mentioned in the diary can help you work through what needs your consideration immediately and what can wait, giving you power over your to-do list and a sense of control when you’re anxious.

Breathe and have water

Sideline any other drink; water should be your favourite drink. There is a very deep relationship between stress and hydration. When you are dehydrated, the stress hormones start raging. You need to stay hydrated enough to maintain these hormones. You should at least drink at least eight glasses of water to remain stress free all day.

Cut caffeine and calm down

This might be a difficult task for many but avoiding caffeine is important. If stress is ruining your life then you must cut down the intake of coffee and start drinking water more. People often take a cup of coffee to rejuvenate them in a stressful day. Apparently, caffeine increases cortisol in your body leaving you in a vicious circle of stress and caffeine.

Health is wealth and you must increase your wealth. Respect your body and nurture your soul. Inhale positivity and exhale stress, insecurities and anxiety.


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